Vintage Airplane Rides at the 2022 Alberta International Airshow

All these flights are unforgettable and are offered at the Alberta International Airshow.

Yellow Thunder is performing at the Alberta International Airshow in August, 2022. 

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The Harvard served over 50 countries spanning from 1937 to 1995.  Pilots referred to it as “The Pilot Maker”.  The revered as such because it did not suffer fools gladly.  It was predictable in nature so that if a pilot mishandled the airplane, it would bite back the same way every time.  Pilots never really master flying the Harvard, they just learn to stay within its boundaries…and is an absolute pleasure to fly within those boundaries.  Come join Yellow Thunder for a warbird ride in this iconic trainer, a ride you will never forget.


Want something a little more exciting?  How about something upside down?  Our team of pilots each have bucket loads of time flying acrobatics.  Schedule an aerobatic flight below for an experience you will NEVER forget!


Formation flying roots go back to WW1, when fighter aircraft were used to escort reconnaissance aircraft.  It was found that two aircraft were more combat effective.  In WW2 pilots discovered strategic advantages of maximizing visibility and supporting other aircraft in the formation.  The practice continues today by militaries around the world.  Enjoy an exciting formation flight with Yellow Thunder to see just how close formation aircraft are to each other.  You’ll experience not just the proximity but how two aircraft intercept each other and the skills required to maintain position on the leader.