Airplane Rides @ Chilliwack Airshow



Climb aboard our airplanes for a tour of the local sights and experience everything our veterans did on their first flight. This is a non-aerobatic experience of which you will never forget.

The Harvard was the used for advanced training which included air-air combat using a combination of aerobatic manoeuvres.  This flight is for you if you want to experience the freedom of 3-dimensions. An exhilarating flight to remember.

This flight will include both airplanes and extends the duration of the flight by about 5 minutes. You will never fly closer to another airplane.  Formation flying was, and still is, one of the building blocks of defence and tactical coordination.  This flight is for you if you would like to experience the precision required to fly in unison.  This flight is a non-aerobatic, one wingspan away, flight you'll never forget!


Yes, minimum age is 12 years old.  Also, each passenger must be able to disembark the aircraft unassisted.

Weather is, of course, unpredictable.  Your flight is important to us so we will make every effort to reschedule your flight for another time while we are in your community.  If rescheduling doesn't work out, your payment will be refunded.

Jeans, shorts, or a dress is appropriate.  Full coverage shoes or leather boots would be appropriate. Footwear that allows portions of the feet to be exposed, high heels or are too loose in case of emergency will NOT be appropriate.

Solo flights are approximately 30 minutes (20 minutes in the air) while the Harvard Formation with Aerobatics is about 5 minutes longer.  Of course, flight may be extended due to other airplane traffic and Air Traffic Control.

Yes, you sure can.  We recommend bringing your smartphone as there are not many places to put things in the cockpit.  You can also purchase footage from GoPro cameras which are affixed to the airplane.  I you do bring your camera, PLEASE don't miss the moment.

Aircraft separation within Harvard Formation flight will be approximately 20 feet. It looks, and is, VERY close!

We will experience up to 4 G's during the Harvard Aerobatic experience.  Other flights are nominal, similar to air liners.