Verna Pohl
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My father was a training pilot during the war, flying the Harvard for many hours. In 2020 I wanted my 3 kids to experience a ride in a Harvard, just like their Grandfather did. It was as exciting for me to see their enjoyment of the ride as it was for them to experience it. It is amazing that Yellow Thunder offers this amazing experience in these approximately 80 year old planes and right here in central Alberta. Wonderful.


Helmut Wessel
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It was a pleasure to fly in the formation ride with Yellow Thunder last year.  It’s  quite the experience to go up in a 50’s war plane and feel the energy of what the pilots worked with in those days.  The Watson brothers will make you feel like a member of the “ pilot’s team” when you’re up there doing their manoeuvres … It’s well worth the booking to go up and experience the roar of Yellow Thunder above your hometown … 👀👍👍


Roger Finigan
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Ever since I was a boy, I dreamt of twisting and turning in a dogfight like my WWII heroes.
Yellow Thunder offered me the rare opportunity to experience acrobatics in a warbird.
It was everything I hoped it would be, it was breath-taking, just fantastic!
Dave was friendly, professional, and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the flight.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who dreams of “slipping the surly bonds of earth”.