Harvard Rides

Yellow Thunder is now able to offer passenger rides in Canada.  All flights are approximately 20 minutes in duration unless noted.


Ride Type Fee (+GST)
Standard familiarization (non-aerobatic) ride $500/passenger
Aerobatic ride or Formation ride $750/passenger
Formation aerobatic ride (2 passengers per flight) $1,000/passenger

*cash or credit card

Standard Rides

All Harvard rides include a short, non-aerobatic at a local airport.  Riders will be requested to sign a liability waiver before flight.  All riders will be provided with detailed safety briefing; communication with pilot is via intercom radio.  Additional time/maneuvers will be at Yellow Thunder’s discretion.

Aerobatic Rides 

Aerobatic rides are standard rides with added minimum 4 aerobatic maneuvers – briefed before departure.  Aerobatic rides are performed minimum 2000 ft above ground.

Formation Rides* 

Formation rides are standard non-aerobatic rides including formation takeoff (if airport width allows), at least one joinup, and break for landing.  

Formation Aerobatic Rides* 

Formation aerobatic rides include everything in the formation ride, plus one formation aerobatic loop, and one formation aerobatic barrel roll.  These rides MUST be sold in pairs (1 passenger per plane).

*Formation rides are not available in 2020 – due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Ride Upgrades

Upgrade payment from Standard to Aerobatic, or from Aerobatic to Formation Aerobatic.